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Fill your belly at the Lil' Apple Deli!

For only three more days the Lil' Apple Deli is offering a free drink—Coke, Sprite, several varieties of Arizona tea—with any large sub or a free bag of chips with any small sub. This internet only offer is redeemable only with the coupon linked below and expires on Saturday, April 8th! Get it while you can!

Here is the coupon in Adobe PDF format

And here is the menu in Adobe PDF format

Call ahead for faster service; don't forget to bring your coupon when you pick up your subs!

The woman behind the Lil' Apple Deli has been running delis for over 30 years. She's from New York and knows how a sandwich should be made. Meat is sliced fresh, right in front of you, and the bread is cut in half and not in a wedge like Subway and other places do. Sandwiches made at the Lil' Apple Deli not only look like they have a lot of meat on them, they do. The roasted pork and the chicken are homemade, the meatballs on her meatball sub are homemade and huge as well, and her Cuban sandwich is one of the best you'll find anywhere.

Lauren Dominguez of Orlando City Beat says: Lil' Apple Deli is perfect for college kids who want to grab a bite on their way to or from school. The woman at the counter told us that she hates leaving restaurants hungry. She will definitely make sure that this doesn't happen to you.
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