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Anniversary Dinner-Manuel's on the 28th

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary. Tonight (because they were closed last night) we had dinner at Manuel's on the 28th.

In a word-spectacular. The views were enough to make me homesick for New York even more than before. The amuse bouche was cucumber topped with a mousse of roasted red peppers and marscapone cheese. We had lemongrass seared scallop and shrimp as an appetizer, (the chef's special was escargot and ostrich, but as the escargot was prepared with anise, and neither of us are fans, we decided to pass on that.) The presentation was gorgeous-a ball of sticky rice wrapped in bok choy, along with a cucumber salad, and two spicy sauces-a wasabi based sauce and chipotle, along with a sparkling white wine. Our second course-I had the lobster bisque, which was delicious, and rich, with just a hint of creme fraiche, and my husband had the frisee salad, which had mangos, beets, and cheese, in a balsamic dressing.

Main courses-I had freshwater lobster tail, served with sauted red and yellow bell peppers, asparagus and a potato cake with layers of sweet potato and white potato, and it was excellent. He had sea bass, which melted in your mouth. The bass was served on a base of greens, with a wasabi potato cake. It was probably the best presentation of bass that I've ever had (he offered me a taste.)

Desserts were a chocolate sampler, with truffles, mousse with raspberries, and a mousse like cake covered in ganache, on a crispy base. The mousse was a bit weak, but the truffles, filled with hazlenuts were terrific, . I had white chocolate and raspberry mousse which had just a hint of almond in it. Both were served with fresh berries on the side. The white chocolate mousse was much better than the chocolate mousse, but both desserts were very good.

The presentation was flawless-the eye appeal, and colors were marvelous. The service was stunning. Instead of going with the wine pairings on the menu, which were a little mild for our taste, we worked with our waiter to find some marvelous white wines that better suited our palates, and still matched well with our meals. I wish we'd had a glass of port or congnac after supper, but I think if we had, driving home would have been a challenge.

The online menu is incomplete, but the food was certainly a nice treat for an anniversary dinner. We'd go back for the right occasion.
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