Pamela (refined_harmony) wrote in orlandoeats,

Brick and Fire

After getting an e-mail from, my boyfriend and I decided to head to Brick and Fire located in the Church Street Station for their Dime Wine Wednesdays.

From the website, my impression was that the place was a classy/trendy restaurant for new-age italian. I was really looking forward to interesting (and cheap) wine. I dropped $80 for two on a completely worthless restaurant. Don't go here unless your trashed and REALLY want some pizza :)

If you are looking for a nice night out for you and your significant other, STAY AWAY from Brick & Fire. Don't bother w/ reservations like we did, the place was empty. After checking out the website, I was looking forward to sitting in the Cellar but interestingly, the section was closed off. This was only the first of the many disappointments. Apparently we had two other diners at our table, because neither the hostess or the waiter removed the other two place settings. We were not greeted for approx. 5 minutes while our waiter chatted with his friends at the other table. Our waiter was always in a hurry, we tried to order wine three times but he walked away before we could get a word out. We were not told about any specials or what wines we could get for a dime. Once we got our wine order in and waited another 10 min. without getting the wine, the waiter returns to tell us that the bottle of white wine we ordered was not chilled- we could either wait or order a different one. Although upset, we did so. They brought out the cool, not chilled, bottle a few minutes later. The waiter had difficulty opening the bottle and did not provide a chiller or ice bucket of any sort. Throughout the whole meal no wine service was provided. We were especially peeved by , seeing as how this place is advertised as a wine company/cellar and yet they seem to have NO CLUE! We ordered meatballs for an appetizer and were lucky the kitchen had to make them from scratch (they ran our earlier)... it was the best part of the meal. Perfectly seasoned. My gnocchi w/ sweet italian sausage was vastly overcooked and an overcomplicated dish. The calzone we ordered had undercooked dough and WAY too much cheese. Although the cookie dessert our neighbors ordered looked delcious, we just wanted to get out. Overall, don't be fooled. Brick and Fire is NOT a fine dining establishment. It was loud with poor service, more like a after-bar hang out than a classier place to get a pizza.
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