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orlandoeats's Journal

Orlando Freaking EATS!
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All Members , Moderated
For all things restaurant related in the Orlando area. Reviews, questions, suggestions, reccomendations.

It is my hope that we can all find the epicurean gems that Orlando has to offer through this community, so please keep restaurant chain reviews/suggestions to a minimum.

If you are feeling so kind as to write a review for this community (good, bad, or otherwise) and it gets lengthy, plese be kind & place it behind an lj-cut.

No official rating system yet. Just your dining experience.
The rest, we'll make up as we go along!

Moderated by she who rarely cooks,jaimeee

a good meal, ali baba's, amira's, amira's kosher deli, amura, antonio's la fiamma, athena cafe, austin coffee and film, ba le, beefy king, big sky bread company, black bean deli, black hammock fish camp, cafe annie, cafe positano, capriotti's, chapters, charlie's gourmet pastries, chuck's restaurant, claddagh cottage, clay oven, colorado fondue company, del friscos, dexters, eastern pearl, elijah's, excellent service, family owned and operated, first watch, food, garden cafe, greek flame taverna, harvey's bistro, holes in the wall, holly & dolly's, hotties, il pescatore, julie's waterfront cafe, kohinoor, lacomka bakery & deli, lollicup, melting pot, orlando, pannulos, polonia polish restaurant, rainbow bob's snowcones, rolandos, slow cooked meals, stardust, taqueria, taste, tasty thai, thai villa, the hot olives, viet garden, white wolf cafe, yae sushi, yum yum asia cafe, za bistro